About me

Why I fight for a Highlands for the many

My politics is driven by the fundamental belief that everyone deserves to be happy, healthy, and safe. It's why I always make my voice heard not just for jobs, but quality jobs, not just for healthcare, but person centred healthcare, not just for education, but a rounded education where people can pursue their passions.

I grew up in the Highlands raised by a single mother who was often paid little more than the minimum wage. I've seen and experienced the struggles of working class Highlanders and Islanders as we've tried to live our lives in this gorgeous part of the world.

I've experienced what it's like to work in an non-unionised workplace and it's why I'll always back worker organising and trade unions doing what they must to insure workers get decent pay, decent hours, and a safe working environment.

I've faced constant battles with housing, from high rent to poorly maintained accommodation. That's why I will always be on your side fighting for suitable homes, low rents, and control over your own living situation.

As a martial artist I value the healthcare I've been provided by the NHS whenever I've been injured, but its value goes far beyond convenience for those who participate in contact sports. The NHS is a lifeline making sure that everyone can get healthcare, because ultimately no one chooses to be ill or injured. Our NHS staff are underpaid and overworked, they've fought for us throughout and before this pandemic, we need to fight for them.